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Grade 1 Deadlock
Auxiliary and primary locking
Cylinder x Thumbturn (E2151) - Deadbolt thrown or retracted by key from outside or by thumbturn inside. Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown.
No exposed mounting screws
Standard door prep: 2-1/8 in. cross bore and 1 in. edge bore for latch hole
Fits door thickness of 1-3/4 in. to 2 in. as standard. 2 in. to 2-1/4 in. available for conventional cylinder upon request. Must specify at time of order.
Shipped 2-3/4 in. backset as standard. 2-3/8 in. backset available upon request at no additional charge. Please specify when ordering.
3930 Standard Strike Square Corner with Dustbox (1-1/8 in. x 2-3/4 in.) as standard. Optional Strikes available. 3929 ASA Strike (ANSI 4-7/8 in. x 1-1/4 in.) available upon request for an additional upcharge. Please specify when ordering.
Latchbolt: 1 in. throw - Brass with concealed hardened steel roller to prevent sawing or cutting
Square Corner Faceplate as standard. 1-1/8 in. x 2-1/4 in. for 2-3/4 in. backset; 1 in. x 2-1/4 in. for 2-3/8 in. backset. Optional Round Corner Faceplate available upon request. Please specify when ordering.
Schlage C Keyway as standard. Other keyways available upon request. Small Format Interchangeable Cores option available upon request (cores sold separately). Please specify when ordering.
Fixed Cylinder drilled 6 pin, Keyed 5 pin as standard.
Keyed Different as standard. Other keying options available upon request. Please specify when ordering. Two operating keys supplied per lock.
ADA Compliant Thumbturn
BHMA Certified ANSI A156.5 Grade 52
ANSI A250.13 Severe Windstorm Resistant Component
UL/cUL Listed for all functions up to 3 hours "A" label single doors; UL10C Positive Pressure Rated; UL10B Neutral Pressure Rated
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  • 3115-234-US10-H1-ASA, 3115-234-US10-H1, 3115-234-US10-NC-ASA, 3115-234-US10-NC, 3115-234-US10-SCC-ASA, 3115-234-US10-SCC, 3115-234-US10B-H1-ASA, 3115-234-US10B-H1, 3115-234-US10B-NC-ASA, 3115-234-US10B-NC, 3115-234-US10B-SCC-ASA, 3115-234-US10B-SCC, 3115-234-US26-H1-ASA, 3115-234-US26-H1, 3115-234-US26-NC-ASA, 3115-234-US26-NC, 3115-234-US26-SCC-ASA, 3115-234-US26-SCC, 3115-234-US26D-H1-ASA, 3115-234-US26D-H1, 3115-234-US26D-NC-ASA, 3115-234-US26D-NC, 3115-234-US26D-SCC-ASA, 3115-234-US26D-SCC, 3115-234-US3-H1-ASA, 3115-234-US3-H1, 3115-234-US3-NC-ASA, 3115-234-US3-NC, 3115-234-US3-SCC-ASA, 3115-234-US3-SCC, 3115-234-US4-H1-ASA, 3115-234-US4-H1, 3115-234-US4-NC-ASA, 3115-234-US4-NC, 3115-234-US4-SCC-ASA, 3115-234-US4-SCC, 3115-238-US10-H1-ASA, 3115-238-US10-H1, 3115-238-US10-NC-ASA, 3115-238-US10-NC, 3115-238-US10-SCC-ASA, 3115-238-US10-SCC, 3115-238-US10B-H1-ASA, 3115-238-US10B-H1, 3115-238-US10B-NC-ASA, 3115-238-US10B-NC, 3115-238-US10B-SCC-ASA, 3115-238-US10B-SCC, 3115-238-US26-H1-ASA, 3115-238-US26-H1, 3115-238-US26-NC-ASA, 3115-238-US26-NC, 3115-238-US26-SCC-ASA, 3115-238-US26-SCC, 3115-238-US26D-H1-ASA, 3115-238-US26D-H1, 3115-238-US26D-NC-ASA, 3115-238-US26D-NC, 3115-238-US26D-SCC-ASA, 3115-238-US26D-SCC, 3115-238-US3-H1-ASA, 3115-238-US3-H1, 3115-238-US3-NC-ASA, 3115-238-US3-NC, 3115-238-US3-SCC-ASA, 3115-238-US3-SCC, 3115-238-US4-H1-ASA, 3115-238-US4-H1, 3115-238-US4-NC-ASA, 3115-238-US4-NC, 3115-238-US4-SCC-ASA, 3115-238-US4-SCC
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  • 0004135940420, 0004135912588, 0004135940418, 0004135912592, 0004135940449, 0004135928121, 0004135998283, 0004135928120, 0004135940425, 0004135912590, 0004135950868, 0004135912589
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