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Strip height 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. height
Neoprene gasketing is supplied both as a solid (dense) and as a closed cell sponge with a tough outer skin, remaining flexible down to -50 degrees F.
No.6 x 5/8 in. Pan head sheet metal screws furnished with mortise types
Note: MIL finish weatherstripping are supplied with zinc plated screws; Color anodized weatherstripping are supplied with screws plated to match; Stainless steel weatherstripping is supplied with stainless steel screws
Must specify length when ordering. Thresholds and Weatherstripping sold in 4 in. increments.

  • The following part nubmbers are available by selecting the options above.

  • 875S-N-24-CLR, 875S-N-24-DBA, 875S-N-24-GLD, 875S-N-28-CLR, 875S-N-28-DBA, 875S-N-28-GLD, 875S-N-32-CLR, 875S-N-32-DBA, 875S-N-32-GLD, 875S-N-36-CLR, 875S-N-36-DBA, 875S-N-36-GLD, 875S-N-40-CLR, 875S-N-40-DBA, 875S-N-40-GLD, 875S-N-44-CLR, 875S-N-44-DBA, 875S-N-44-GLD, 875S-N-48-CLR, 875S-N-48-DBA, 875S-N-48-GLD, 875S-N-52-CLR, 875S-N-52-DBA, 875S-N-52-GLD, 875S-N-56-CLR, 875S-N-56-DBA, 875S-N-56-GLD, 875S-N-60-CLR, 875S-N-60-DBA, 875S-N-60-GLD, 875S-N-64-CLR, 875S-N-64-DBA, 875S-N-64-GLD, 875S-N-68-CLR, 875S-N-68-DBA, 875S-N-68-GLD, 875S-N-72-CLR, 875S-N-72-DBA, 875S-N-72-GLD, 875S-N-76-CLR, 875S-N-76-DBA, 875S-N-76-GLD, 875S-N-80-CLR, 875S-N-80-DBA, 875S-N-80-GLD, 875S-N-84-CLR, 875S-N-84-DBA, 875S-N-84-GLD, 875S-N-88-CLR, 875S-N-88-DBA, 875S-N-88-GLD, 875S-N-92-CLR, 875S-N-92-DBA, 875S-N-92-GLD, 875S-N-96-CLR, 875S-N-96-DBA, 875S-N-96-GLD, 875S-S-24-CLR, 875S-S-24-DBA, 875S-S-24-GLD, 875S-S-28-CLR, 875S-S-28-DBA, 875S-S-28-GLD, 875S-S-32-CLR, 875S-S-32-DBA, 875S-S-32-GLD, 875S-S-36-CLR, 875S-S-36-DBA, 875S-S-36-GLD, 875S-S-40-CLR, 875S-S-40-DBA, 875S-S-40-GLD, 875S-S-44-CLR, 875S-S-44-DBA, 875S-S-44-GLD, 875S-S-48-CLR, 875S-S-48-DBA, 875S-S-48-GLD, 875S-S-52-CLR, 875S-S-52-DBA, 875S-S-52-GLD, 875S-S-56-CLR, 875S-S-56-DBA, 875S-S-56-GLD, 875S-S-60-CLR, 875S-S-60-DBA, 875S-S-60-GLD, 875S-S-64-CLR, 875S-S-64-DBA, 875S-S-64-GLD, 875S-S-68-CLR, 875S-S-68-DBA, 875S-S-68-GLD, 875S-S-72-CLR, 875S-S-72-DBA, 875S-S-72-GLD, 875S-S-76-CLR, 875S-S-76-DBA, 875S-S-76-GLD, 875S-S-80-CLR, 875S-S-80-DBA, 875S-S-80-GLD, 875S-S-84-CLR, 875S-S-84-DBA, 875S-S-84-GLD, 875S-S-88-CLR, 875S-S-88-DBA, 875S-S-88-GLD, 875S-S-92-CLR, 875S-S-92-DBA, 875S-S-92-GLD, 875S-S-96-CLR, 875S-S-96-DBA, 875S-S-96-GLD
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